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I have to say... today is my first day here as well and I averaging better than l have with any other platform!
Sirvontes Fernandes
BMA Member
My trading session is done for today Guys.
Thank you Marcel for your trading tips and support 🙂
You are awesome, and you made my day with profits. My trading results for today are 7 ITM, 1 OTM thank you again. I will see you all tomorrow 🙂
Dominika Caban
BMA Member
4 ITM, 1 OTM on my first day trading with this group! thanks Marcel for handling tough market conditions very well today for the team!
Fred Wreamsiil
BMA Member
Thanks to you.…. your signals, and of course. all your daily advices.
I'm 10 - 1 today... Thanks Marcel.
Luis Ferrer
BMA Member
I just want to say thank you so much I've been struggling with options (since the summer) due to lack of discipline and recently regain control last week. Since joining yesterday I have reached level "Master" in PO and I am in shock I have been waiting for this for a very long time! Extremely grateful for this platform. And Marcel thank you for helping us change the trajectory of our lives!
Marchel Pierre-Louis
BMA Member
I had heard many very good comments about Marcel…. it is my first day and from what I have seen they were right!
Francisco Villalba
BMA Member
Guys, see you tomorrow. My first day here and... I think that I'm already in love with y'all 😉 >w< o/
Patrice Garcia
BMA Member
So far today I'm at 14 wins and 4 losses!
Amazing job!!!!
Jaime Quintino
BMA Member

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